Music Tuition

Music is fun. We all have a need to express ourselves and music is a great medium through which to do this. There are several elements that students need to understand to advance and play to their full ability. Technique, theory, timing, improvisation, sight reading and how to practice effectively are just a few of the subjects that Simon covers. As a professional musician trained at Berklee College of Music he has a deep, working knowledge of these areas and can tailor the lesson subject matter for each student's musical interest. He teaches guitar, keyboards and electric bass at schools across Sussex and has a full current DBS certificate.

"Thank you for teaching me the guitar, I appreciate your time and effort that you put it. You're a great teacher! I have been fortunate to have you" - Liam D aged 15

The Rhythm Section
Simon runs The Rhythm Section Youtube channel to help guitarists and keyboard players practise their rhythm playing. The channel can be found here The Rhythm Section. PDFs for the tracks can be found on the Rhythm Section page.

Simon teaches acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass, keyboards and blues harmonica for all ages and levels.
It is very important to have an experienced teacher in the early stages of learning to avoid ingraining bad habits that can hinder your growth as a player for many years. The first obstacle any beginner faces is the physical one: "How do I play ...?". "How do I play a G chord?", "How do I play a major scale?". As these are mastered the challenge becomes "What do I play?". With years of study, live and studio experience, Simon can help you develop right from the first note you ever play, through to advanced techniques and skills, whilst avoiding bad habits and time-wasting.

The Advancing Musician
These lessons are designed to broaden the students understanding of all areas of music. We focus more on the universal elements such as timing/rhythm, phrasing, articulation, dynamics, transcription, chord theory, efficient practice as well as performance preparation and how to deal with anxiety. This course is especially suited to musicians who feel they have plateaued in their playing and are unsure of how to progress from their current level or have a specific issue that needs addressing. This is open to any musician subject to acceptance.

Music theory for Vocalists
An understanding of the language musicians use to communicate about music will help a vocalist achieve the sound they are looking for and help them get more gigs. This course is specifically designed to give the vocalist the tools they need to ensure the band understands what is required of them including: how to work out the key of a song, how to change a song's key, intervals, how to count music, conducting the band etc.

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